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Expressive, outgoing, friendly, creative, articulate, silly, eloquent, confident, spunky

Height: 51" or 4' 3"

Weight: 63 lbs.

Hair and Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: Early Summer 2012

Location: Washington D.C. & New York, NY

Current NY Work Permit & Trust Account Holder


About Me

Special Skills


Irish Dance

Voice/ Choir



French Horn

Downhill ski

Horseback riding


German language

Reads at 8th grade level

Film/ Television

Opening choir for band Foreigner | Sovereign Performing Arts Center | 2021 

Singer with Spotlight Kidz

Global Ode to Joy | Live at Carnegie Hall | 2021

Singer with Stay at Home Choir

​Jihad  Esraa Abu Oun | 2019

Sham (performed in Arabic language)

Zclub Zone | Kids News Reporter | 2018​

Sally Ward

Evil Stepmothers: Beyond Repair #3.3 | Sirens Media | 2018​

The Affair #3.2 | Sarah Treem ​| 2016

Child Laughing

Secrets That We Keep | Miss Ash Productions | 2016

Playground child

Evil Stepmothers: A Murder You Can't Ignore #2.4 | Sirens Media | 2016​

Young Bethany

Kidz Sparkle: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer | YouTube Series | 2016

Karaoke singer 

Music Together's "One Little Owl" Around The World | YouTube Series| 2013​

Baby Dancing


ONE World: End the Pandemic | HEVE | 2021

Rich Country Kid

No Patient Left Behind | 2021


Patient Point: Get Schooled #1.1 & #1.2 | HEVE | 2021

Zoë, Kid Host

US Travel Association | Lot 7 Media | 2020


Education & Training 

Fourth Grade graduate

School of Irish Dance | Irish dance instruction and competition

Language | German language instruction

Religious School Choir member | featured soloist

Virtual Choir member | Stay at Home Choir directed by Tori Longdon & Jamie Wright

Creative Kids Acting, Chris Gilmore acting coach

Voice | Private Lessons with Virtu Academy

Choir Member | Spotlight Kidz, directed by Sandy Kost-Sterner

French Horn | elementary school band

Violin | elementary school orchestra

Piano| Private Lessons 

Indexed Annuity Leadership Council | 2019


University of Maryland University College Commerical | 2018

Child of Adult Student Veteran

Wearable Alert Watch | Happy Gadget |  2016​


Language Stars: Testimonial | YouTube series | 2016

Bilingual Testimonial in English and Arabic languages


Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes | Radio City Music Hall | 2021

Singer with Spotlight Kidz

PRO Players | Pirate's Perfect Pet | 2018

Captain Crave's Mother

Dance Company | "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from Lion King | 2017​

Ballet and Tap Performance

Theatre Camp | Super Hero Camp | 2016


PRO Players | The Little Engine That Could | 2016

Yellow Passenger Engine

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